Cody & Shaunti with their sweet baby boy

Just recently an amazing couple, Cody & Shaunti took placement for adoption of a beautiful baby boy.  Their adoption journey was what we call in the adoption world a “Stork Drop”, where a birth mother has not taken the typical steps to make an adoption plan for her child before delivery.  Like many adoptive families, Cody & Shaunti’s journey to their precious baby boy started long before he was placed in their arms.  You will be inspired and touched as Shaunti shares her heart.

“It was an exciting time for us, I was pregnant for the second time with my third child (we got twin girls the first go round) and so far this pregnancy had been smooth sailing.  We had found out very early on that we were going to have another girl, while we were hoping for a boy we decided that once we had this little one and when the time was right we would try for one more and be done.  What we didn’t know was that option was going to be quickly taken off the table by forces that were completely out of our hands.

At 33 weeks into my second pregnancy I suffered a ruptured uterus (A ruptured uterus is basically when the uterus rips open inside of you causing massive internal bleeding and most often death for the child). With in minutes of getting to the hospital I was on the table being prepped for an emergency c-section. God protected me and our child from a very devastating complication. The doctors came in and told my husband and I that while they were able to repair my uterus it was their VERY strong recommendation that I get my tubes tied because carrying another child would almost certainly produce a repeat outcome and we may not be so lucky next time. It was decided then that I would get my tubes tied.

About 6 months after our third child was born I began longing for a son. I tried to ignore it for a while feeling very selfish as I had three children when many could not have one, but the longing soon turned into a desire that would consume my everyday thoughts. I shared with my husband what I was feeling and to my surprise he too had started longing for a son. I began praying desperately asking God to bless us with a son. I fully believed that if God could give a 90 year old woman a child (Sarah in the Bible) then He could find a way for me to carry a child too if that was His desire.  I prayed constantly and felt so sad month after month and my husband as well. We got to the point where we were begging God to take this desire away from us if it was not His plan to bless us with a son.  The desire never left, there was a constant yearning for a son everyday like it was just an ordinary part of life. Little did we know that God was using this time to change our hearts to open our minds to new possibilities. The possibility of Adoption. While we had thrown the idea around once or twice I had been more set on carrying my “own” child ( I’m stubborn like that) to really see it as a clear path.  Finally it was clear to me that while God Could bless me with a miracle pregnancy this did not seem to be His plan. I went to talk to my husband seriously about adoption, he was totally up for it in fact he had been open to it as a real possibility before I had (stubbornness gets ya every time). 3 years after those first longings for a son we found ourselves lining up paperwork for a social worker and becoming certified to adopt. It went so smooth confirming to my husband that this was the path we were supposed to be on.

We then started working with Tracie at Christian Adoption Consultants and working on getting financing. Once we were financed in June, we began putting our names in to different agencies and the wait began. I would be lying if I said that I was good at waiting, I remember that one week I would feel very discouraged that no one had asked us to present and the next week question if we were ever going to have a son. Silly I know considering we had only put our names out there in June, but at the same time we had been praying for our son for years now.  He had been growing in our hearts for so long. We would see people get matched and I would feel happy for them I never wished I had their baby, I only ever longed for the child God had planned for our family.

On Sunday Sept 1st I got an alert on my phone letting me know that I had received an email. I put my book down opened my email and looked at a Stork drop alert from Mother Goose Adoptions for a sweet little boy. I read over the details and asked my husband if he was interested. Like me he was instantly interested. They were looking for someone local that would be available the next day which we were. I emailed and asked if we could put our names in to be considered. We didn’t hear anything back that night so we figured that it wasn’t meant for us. But that next morning Tracie called and wanted to confirm that we really were interested and we said we were. Then we waited.

Ill be honest when I first heard we would be considered I was more excited then I had been for any other situation. I found myself OCD cleaning the house with my husband as we tried not to be too hopeful but it was hard even he was feeling really excited. As the hours went by we began to think that the mother had chosen someone else, but at 2 pm we got the call that the birth mother wanted to meet us that day! We were beside ourselves excited but nervous and oh we had nothing for this little baby if she decided that she wanted us to raise this sweet boy. We drove to target picked up a few essentials then  went out to meet this sweet momma at 5 pm.  After an hour or so of visiting with the birth mother and her mother, she asked my husband and I if we would adopt that precious little boy that was in my husbands arms (where she had placed him almost immediately). We of course said YES! Our hearts broke for the birth mother and grandmother, we could see how hard this was for them and we are so incredibly grateful for their strength. That night after we did a bit of paper work we were told that we could take our son home with us.



Cody, Shaunti, their new son, and the Birth Mom who chose adoption for her baby

On the drive home it was so surreal, I just kept wanting to pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream. My son was in the back seat, in his car seat surrounded by his doting big sisters. The final arrow was in our quiver (reference Psalm 127:3-5) we just thanked God for the whirlwind that was that day, for the blessing he has given us.


What a miracle and blessing this little guy is!

We truly believe that God intended “P” (the name we settled on after he spent the first day nameless) for our family long before we were ever born that he is the perfect fit for our family.  We would definitely encourage anyone who truly believes that God is leading them to adopt to trust Him fully. God’s timing is perfect, even if you’re like me, impatient and stubborn God will use everything to His glory just as He promises.”


Doting Big Sisters with their new baby brother


It is exciting to be part of Cody & Shaunti’s journey!  We pray blessings over their family, and much joy as they begin this new chapter together.