Our adoption journey is one that was totally led by the Lord.  We have had family and friends adopt (domestically and internationally) and as we watched them walk their journey the Lord was planting seeds in our hearts for adoption.  We would mention adoption to each other several times a year and agree that it would be great, but the Lord was not opening doors during those times and so, we would place it on a back burner.

We have 3 biological daughters and we have always wanted more children but the Lord had other plans when he closed that door with our 3rd daughter.  In March of 2014 my husband came to me and shared that the Lord had been placing one word on his heart during his devotion time and when I asked what it was he boldly said, “adoption.”  This was a sign and confirmation to me that the Lord was now opening a door we had been waiting to walk through.  We started our journey by researching adoption agencies and options.  We decided based on our family and work situation that domestic adoption would be best for us.  We were blessed to work with an incredible adoption consultant who matched us with Creating Christian Families/Mother Goose Adoptions.

coming home day

I will never forget the day we received our phone call that we were matched with a birth mom who was carrying a baby BOY!  We didn’t specify a boy on our paperwork as we were open to a boy or a girl but the Lord knew the desires of our hearts.  We were SO excited, thrilled, and humbled.  We were in the middle of eating lunch at a Firehouse Subs restaurant and I’m sure when I screamed on the phone everyone around us thought I was crazy!  Our son was due mid-May but decided to come a couple of weeks early.  We were actually on our way out to celebrate my birthday when we received the call that our birth mom was in labor and to get our travel plans in place.  Our son ended up being born that night before we could get there – but he was born on my birthday!  What an incredible present!!  We traveled to Arizona and met our beautiful and perfect son – it was love at first sight.  Our agency representative, Melissa from was incredible to work with.  She answered all of our questions and concerns and we felt like we really had someone in our corner.

Our son had to go to Cradle Care while the paperwork was signed, during which time we had a fabulous experience with his caretaker.  We visited with them and spend hours at her house.  Her daughter even took pictures of us while we waited to hear from Melissa that all the paperwork was complete.  When we look back on our journey we can see where God was walking right beside us and also where he was carrying us during those difficult days of waiting and wondering.  He is faithful!  We are so blessed to now have 4 children – each one ordained by the Lord.

Victor & Stephanieadoption finalization