How quickly a life can change with one phone call; one very important phone call, I might add.

Hi everyone, my name is Jessica and I am about to tell you about the day and events leading up to when Sawyer, my husband, and I met Liam, our handsome baby boy.  One Saturday evening at a close friends wedding, we received a case through our agency via email about a 2 week-old boy being placed for adoption in Arizona.  We were immediately interested and submitted our names for a chance to be presented to the birth mom.  Well, the following Monday evening, after a long day of work, I received a call from my husband.  He asked, “How’d you like to pick up our son from Arizona?”  He had just been on the phone with the agency to tell us we had been matched and needed to move quickly on the mountain of paperwork that was to come.  The events to follow happened so hastily in anticipation of meeting the birth mom and our soon to be son.  We literally dropped everything and the next day, took an early morning flight to Arizona to meet the birth mom and baby over lunch, later signing the paperwork at the agency and then held so tightly the beautiful baby boy that would soon be ours forever.  While this was the highlight of the day, unfortunately, that evening and several days to follow, our son had to stay in cradle care until everything would go through and the court hearing later in the week.  Him staying overnight in cradle care turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because the people we met through that program were selfless individuals, so supportive and caring and befriended my husband and I during the longest week in our life.  Needless to say, that Tuesday – the day we met and fell in love with our son, was an overwhelming, emotional day, but it marked one of the best days in our lives.

Now, our son is almost 5 months old and every day we are even more grateful to call him ours.  His personality is blooming and he fills our heart with happiness on a daily basis.  We cannot thank the Lord enough!

With grateful hearts,

Sawyer & Jessica