A Whirlwind 7 Days!

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Hi, my name is Becky and my husband’s name is Jason. Here is our adoption journey story in a nutshell.

After being a family in waiting for about 4 months, we received a phone call from Creating Christian Families on what seemed to be a normal Thursday afternoon. We heard the words, “You were chosen!” and in that moment our lives changed forever.

We had been chosen by an expectant mother and father to be the adoptive parents of their little girl. This little girl was to arrive in 7 days! Yes, you heard me right, 7 days. Our emotions were out of control, we couldn’t believe we were chosen, and we said many prayers of thanks to our Lord!

After 3 days of making plans, talking with the birth parents, working with our social worker, and booking flights, we were on our way to meet, hold, and add the most precious blessing to our family.

We were privileged to work with the amazing staff at Creating Christian Families/Mother Goose Adoptions. All their support, encouragement, and prayers got us through all the ups and downs of those 7 days. We met with the expectant mother and father for dinner the night before the scheduled c-section. What a true blessing to meet one another, ask questions, answer questions, and make a connection unlike any other.

Mara (2015)_1

The day of Mara’s birth was filled with excitement, tears, and so many moments we will remember for the rest of our lives. At 4:25 p.m., one week after we got the life-changing call, Mara Hope came into the world. 6 pounds 15 ounces. We were blessed to be there 25 minutes after she was born, hold her in our arms, feed her for the first time, cry tears of joy and happiness, and share in a moment we have waited to have for nearly 5 years. From that moment Mara never left our side. We left the hospital three days later with our baby daughter by our side, knowing she was going to be in our family forever.

Mara (2015)_3

Many prayers are said every day! First and foremost, we thank our Lord and Savior for the allowing us to take this journey and for bringing Mara into our family. We pray many prayers of thanks and gratitude for her birth mother, birth father, and birth family. We also pray for Creating Christian Families and Mother Goose Adoptions, that they may be blessed to continue to do the great work they are doing with both birth and adoptive families.

Today Mara is a happy and healthy 18 month-old who is walking, running, talking and exploring the world around her. We look forward to many more memories with her and pray for you and your family as you patiently await to see God’s plans unfold before you!

Mara (2015)_5 Mara (2015)_4


Adoption Miracle – God’s Blessing In The Midst Of Struggle

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Goodman A

Earlier this year, in the Spring, an amazing family got the call that would change their lives, and bring joy to the journey of a family that had almost given up pursuing adoption due to many years of disappointment and “Almosts” that never happened. Find out how Paul & Mari’s family changed overnight when they least expected it. Mari shares their story:

“It has been such a long journey I am not even sure where to start.

Almost 10 years ago, I (Mari) had some health complications. After some time, we learned I had a hernia in my abdominal wall. After two surgeries to repair it, the doctor strongly suggested that I not go through another pregnancy. I had always hoped to have more than the 2 girls we had, so I started thinking about other means to add to our family. Mostly, it was just ideas and options for a while.

Then, 9 years ago, I felt impressed to look into foster care. As a family, we decided to help those kids by bringing them into our home. We knew we were just a temporary place for them to stay. However, if the chance came that they could stay with us forever, we would welcome that opportunity. There were definitely many ups and downs with our experiences as a foster family. After the first 3 or 4 years, we decided we would only do respite (babysit for other foster parents) as having the kids in our home for a long time, then watching them leave was too hard on our family. As of today, we have had over 15 different kids in our home. Some only for a few days, others for almost 2 years.

5 years ago, we decided we wanted to pursue adoption more, as I felt like there was more for our forever family. We did our home study and adoption certification through LDS Family Services (LDS FS). In the last 5 years, we have worked with several expectant mothers. One changed her mind at the hospital, others changed their mind before we got that far. Some were friends of friends, others found us on other adoption websites. We also submitted our profiles for many little ones from different agencies, who work with LDS FS. For the last several years, we have also been working with our foster care licensing agency to try to adopt out of foster care. We have submitted “family interest forms” to be the forever family for over a dozen cases. Nothing was working for us to find “our” little one.

This past April, we were up for our adoption renewal again. I told LDS FS that we were not going to renew. We felt like we had tried everything and maybe adoption wasn’t in the plans for our family after all. Maybe we just needed to enjoy the journey and take what we learned from it and move on. Our two daughters are getting older and it just felt like maybe it was time to move on. A few days later, our worker with LDS FS asked us if we would be interested in having our profile shown to an expectant mom of twins who was currently in Utah. I said sure. How many times has our profile be shown over the past five years – I don’t think I could even count that. Well, I was very surprised when she called us back and told us the expectant mom had chosen us for her little girls.

Now it was a big scramble to get everything put together. We needed to submit all of the paperwork for Mother Goose Adoptions, since this birth mother was with this agency. She was scheduled for an induction the end of the month. There were many things that took place during the month, working with Mother Goose, the birth mother, two trips to Utah (one to meet the birth mother and one at delivery), and juggling all of our daughters end of the school year activities. This opportunity eventually fell through and Paul and I drove home from Utah on a Wednesday very discouraged. I told Mother Goose we were done and we couldn’t put our family through that again. It was completely emotionally draining.
I’m really glad Deb (at Mother Goose) didn’t listen to me.

Deb sent me a message the following Monday asking if we were open to African American. I said something to the effect of “yeah, whatever”. I really didn’t want to deal with anything adoption related at the moment. Tuesday comes around and Deb starts texting me pictures of the sweetest little girl (born just 2 days before), telling me she wants to come to our family. Deb was with her back east and was trying to find a family for her. That night, at midnight, I sent the text to Deb that we wanted her in our family. I was a little nervous. We were emotionally drained and we don’t know many African American people, but everything felt like it totally fell into place for us to be in a place to even find out about her. I was still trying to figure out it if was really going to happen this time. I got up Wednesday morning and ordered her a car seat. That night at dinner, I told the girls I bought something on-line today. Sarah in her very sarcastic voice says, what a baby? I started laughing and told them about Isabelle. I was able to show them the pictures Deb had sent me. They were just a cautious as Paul and I were. Comments like, “Will this one really work out?” and “is it for real?” showed us they were just as hurt as we were by all the “almosts” we have had over the last several years (and they never knew about a lot of the contacts we had). It finally started to feel real when Deb showed up at our house on Saturday and handed the baby over to us. Granted, I only got to hold her for a few minutes before the girls and Paul took her. But we had some great bonding that night while everyone else was asleep.

Goodman B Goodman4 Goodman2

Isabelle is now 6 weeks old and we are so grateful for her! She is a huge blessing to us. She has been showered with gifts, hugs, kisses and cuddles. She is starting to smile now, and gives her biggest smiles to Paul whenever she see him. She loves to cuddle and snuggle with whoever will hold her, which all of us love! She has changed our world in an incredible way. She is our miracle.
Side note: her welcoming into our extended family and friends circle has been completely overwhelming. She is so loved by everyone, it has really touched my heart to see the love everyone close to us has for her.”


What a joy it is to see families come together through the miracle of adoption! Contact us today to start your adoption journey.

Adoption Joy Through Adoption Heartbreak – Sheldon and Amber’s Story

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“We are thankful to God for his blessing to us.”

There are many sweet and beautiful children that have come home through domestic adoption.  In many ways domestic adoption is relatively quick and painless as far as adoptions go, but we all know that there are also many twists and turns that can occur, and those traversing the road of domestic adoption do need to prepare as best as possible for those twists and turns. No two adoptions are the same, so one family’s story may be somewhat different from another’s.

During the course of a little over a year Sheldon and Amber, one of our amazing adoptive couples went through much heartbreak on their domestic adoption journey. As you read their story you will wonder why this heartbreak happened to them. Why they had to go through not just one, but two failed adoption matches before their precious and sweet bay girl finally came to their family.

Experience the sadness and disappointment as you read Sheldon and Amber’s story here, and celebrate their immense joy as their baby girl comes into their arms. Glean some wisdom, insight and inspiration from them as they share how despite the sadness, they are grateful for their broken journey, because God was able to show His faithfulness and share with Sheldon and Amber the beautiful tapestry of their lives He is weaving:

“In April 2013 we started our adoption journey. Our Home Study was completed and profiles ready to go.  We signed up with an agency in Utah and had a rocky road in the matching process.  We were matched with a birthmother in July but she changed her mind about us and was matched with another family.  This was devastating and made us question what was wrong with us. Our case worker kept telling us there was a baby out there for us, but we had our doubts.

In August of 2013 our social worker (Tom) left the agency and we were soon forgotten within the agency. We became discouraged with the agency and decided to sign up with a private attorney who told us he would have something for us in a month or so. Meanwhile “Tom” called us and told us he had started a new agency and asked if we were interested in a profile presentation. We said yes. The birth mother eventually changed her mind about adoption.

November 2013 we are very discouraged with our choice in agency and private attorney. We contacted “Tom” and he suggested getting ahold of Deb with Mother Goose Adoptions in Arizona. He told us they were a good agency and had lots of successful placements. We filled out our paperwork and submitted it the week before Thanksgiving.

December 2013 we were officially approved to be presented with Mother Goose/Creating Christian Families. We presented on seven cases that month.  We knew our home study was going to expire in March and decided that if we weren’t matched before then we would not renew.

January 3, 2014 we got an email saying we were matched with a birth mother due on March 12. We were very excited that we were finally chosen. We went to work updating our home study and clearances. We even decided to decorate the room for the baby boy. We knew there was no way she would change her mind.

In February we were getting closer to the birth, and we also had a vacation planned and went to Disney World.  We received a phone call from the private attorney telling us he had a match for us, but we told him we were matched and were just waiting for the birth. The last day of our vacation things started to unravel with the match. Our birth mother stopped communicating with us and the only information received was through the agency. We suspected something was up and had Mother Goose start digging for some answers.

On March 3 we got “the call” from Deb. Our birth mother had been scamming us and at least another couple from California. All she wanted was money. She didn’t plan on placing and a lot of the information we had on her was a lie.  Our hearts were crushed, and sadness and disbelief took over.  How could this happen to us? Why did God want us to suffer through this pain? Were we really meant to parent another child? Could we afford to continue on after losing money on this? We prayed to our Lord and Savior and we got our answer: “Continue on, there is a child for you!” People kept telling us to continue on, that there was a baby out there for us. Friends and family prayed for us but the hurt was still there. Everyone kept saying there is a baby that needs you but we just didn’t want the hurt again.

March 19, 2014 Deb called and said the attorney we had worked with on the failed match had contacted her with a possible baby and wanted to know if we were interested. Of course we were interested, because we had presented on a few other cases but nothing came from them. We were presented to the birth family and then waited to hear.

On March 31, 2014 we were officially matched and waited for doctor’s appointment for a due date. We found out that the due date was the end of May.  Praise God, we were matched four weeks to the day that our last one failed.

May 20, 2014 our beautiful baby girl was born.  We couldn’t believe it happened. God is so good. We are so thankful to everyone who helped with this adoption.

Pic 2

This precious girl was worth the wait!

  • We are thankful our old social worker left the first agency we were with.
  • We are thankful the private attorney didn’t follow through with his promises.
  • We are thankful to learn about Deb and Creating Christian Families.
  • We are thankful to the birthmother who scammed us. What? Did I just say that? Yes. Without her we would never had renewed our home study or met our attorney.
  • We are thankful to our attorney who thought of us when this case came up.
  • We are thankful to the social worker, who did most of the work.
  • We are thankful to God for his blessing to us.

Our one piece of advice is this: trust in God’s plan. It may be difficult, it may cause heart break, it may cost money, but your child is out there and once you hold them nothing else matters.

God had a very complex puzzle but now all the pieces fit together and the end result is a portrait of a happy family holding a very beautiful baby girl.”

Pic 3

“God had a very complex puzzle but now all the pieces fit together and the end result is a portrait of a happy family holding a very beautiful baby girl.”


And to close, all we can say is simply “Amen!”

5 FAQs for Parents Considering Adopting A Baby Through Domestic Adoption

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There are MANY questions parents have as they consider adopting a baby through domestic adoption.  Here are 5 FAQs families ask us at Creating Christian Families, in addition to the Full FAQ Page on our website:


1) Can anyone adopt?

No. Each state has its own rules and requirements about who can adopt. Also, the rules are different for foster care/foster-adopt and private adoption.

Generally you must be mature, stable, financially secure, free of communicable diseases, free of a criminal or child abuse history and have a life expectancy that would allow you to raise the child to adulthood. You don’t need to be rich, you don’t have to own your own home, and you don’t have to be perfectly healthy. Many disabled people adopt and make wonderful parents.


2) How do I find out if I can adopt?

Contact an agency licensed in your area and inquire about the requirements for a home study.


3) How long does it take to adopt?

That figure is hard to predict and is dependent upon many factors: what race of child you are open to, what issues or exposures you are open to, what your budget is, etc. Obviously, the more you are open to, the more opportunities there will be to adopt. However, most families will adopt within 12 months.


4) What does it cost to adopt?

The cost can vary from nothing, if you are adopting from the state, to a high of $80,000 in some international or embryo adoption programs. You will need to research agencies carefully and decide which best fits your needs. You are paying for services on the case, not buying a child.


5) What does closed, semi-open and open adoption mean?

Closed adoption means that you know nothing about the birth family and they know nothing about you. There is no contact at all. Semi-open adoption means that you and the birth family get to know each other during the pregnancy. You often talk on the phone, email or even visit and attend medical appointments. You may also spend the few days at the hospital caring for the baby together, but after placement, all contact goes through an intermediary, typically the agency. This is the most common type of adoption. In an open adoption, the birth family and adoptive family stay in communication directly after birth. This contact may be nothing more than an occasional email or Facebook exchange, or it may include periodic visits. Open adoptions are built on trust (like any relationship) and many birth families and adoptive families find they like each other so much that they often end up with an adoption far more open than originally planned.


These FAQs are specifically in relation to the agencies and attorneys we work with at Creating Christian Families, including our sister placement adoption agency, Mother Goose Adoptions.

“Stork Drop” – Two Crazy Adoption Words That Changed Our Lives

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Jason Wright remembers his family’s “Stork Drop” from 4 years ago this week:

“Stork Drop” – two crazy adoption words that changed our lives.  Four years ago this week. Where did the last four years go?  I could have gotten a degree in that time frame!  (Well, I didn’t get a degree, but I must have a PhD in “Adoption Parenting” by now surely. With all the crazy paperwork, the learning, the figuring out, the emotional and physical ups and downs of adoption I definitely feel like I have a wealth of knowledge and greater understanding).

joanna candles

“We have had the joy of loving our sweet baby girl over these last four years.”

We have had the joy of loving our sweet baby girl over these last four years, and each birthday we celebrate now only the blessing of her life, but we remember with immense gratitude and respect the woman who gave our precious Joanna life, and we know she is imagining her blowing out those 4 candles!

So, rewind back 4 years and here’s our story of adoption craziness:  Dawn and I had been dreaming and planning on bringing home a sweet girl from Ethiopia through international adoption, and unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control our adoption fell through.  Heartbroken and devastated are words that only scratch the surface of what we were going through at the time. Despite our grieving and loss, we knew God still would redeem this situation somehow, and would restore our broken hearts. When Joanna did then come into our lives she didn’t ‘fix’ us, God did that, but He gave us this gift to meet the desire we had to love a baby.

About 3 months after losing our referral for international adoption we heard through the blog realm about using an adoption consultant to receive placement of a baby through domestic adoption. Within hours of connecting to our consultant on a Friday we heard about multiple “Stork Drop” situations, where babies were born with no family to take them yet in place. One of them was Joanna.  I believe God led us to her through some discernment. She was born the following Tuesday night. We talked with Deb at Mother Goose Adoptions (Creating Christian Families‘ sister company), and got some details. Wednesday afternoon we called Deb and said we would be thrilled to be Joanna’s mommy and daddy! Then our clock started ticking very rapidly.

We had to wire funds to the agency, book airline tickets, make child care arrangements, find hotels, sign MOUNTAINS of paperwork, scan and email more documents than you can shake a stick at, get baby clothes, diapers, buy a car seat, and all within 12 hours. 6:00am Thursday Dawn was on a flight from Lake Charles, Louisiana to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and shortly after lunch was holding our girl!  I flew up the next day and was blown away with the preciousness of our daughter!  The moment I walked through the hotel doors Dawn placed her in my arms, and I’ve never been able to let go since!


“I flew up the next day and was blown away with the preciousness of our daughter!”

Somehow the emotional crazy, the stress, the tiredness, the “stuff” all faded away, and was lost as I stared at her cute baby girl face!  We got loving on Joanna, and enjoyed taking her precious birth mom out for dinner that night. It was a brief time together, but so glad we talked, shared, and shared our obvious love for this baby.

birth mom

With Joanna’s birth mom at our hotel.

Saturday morning I’m pretty sure we did wear out the carpet in our hotel room as we waited for mom to sign the legal paperwork. We got the call that she had signed. Relief! Joy! I don’t exactly remember what we did that night to celebrate, but we did surprise a few people via phone call and Skype that there was a new baby girl in the family!  I think we did go to Target and buy some pink baby stuff – you have to do that right?!

And so the journey of our lives with our special “Stork Drop” began, all covered in pink, hair bows and soft curls.  God has blessed us with Joanna every day, and this cute bundle who curled up on my chest and moved with me with each breath I took, is now such a big girl, although she still treasures and needs mommy and daddy cuddles.

Joanna turns 4

Joanna loves anything “The Little Mermaid” – what better way to celebrate being 4?

Remembering this week four years ago brings me many smiles, and I am so grateful, and so incredibly blessed. So grateful for Mother Goose, and for Deb….for her heart for our family, for the birth moms she cares so faithfully for, and all because of precious babies like Joanna who make her hard job so worth it!

We’d love for you to be encouraged by our own adoption journey of nine amazing children at our blog:  “Are These Kids All Yours?” or to read more about our domestic adoption journey from four years ago with Joanna.”

Katie’s Adoption Story – A single mom’s perspective

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Katie is one of our special adoptive moms who shares her story with us.  Katie shares her unique perspectives as a single mom choosing to adopt:


“I couldn’t wait to kiss, hug and tell him how much I loved him.”

“As a person embarks on milestone birthdays they think about what they want to do to remember that special birthday.  I knew for my 30th I wanted to get the one thing that I had always wanted, a baby.  I looked at my options and since I was single I knew adoption was the best choice for me.

At the beginning of 2013 I started to plan when I was going to start the adoption process. I talked with some friends who had adopted, did some research on the internet and did a lot of reflecting on the life I had and how I wanted it going forward.  I was to turn 30 in April so I knew I had to get moving with the process. I talked with a social worker and she referred me to a facilitator, Gloria Hawk.   Gloria referred me to Deb and Mother Goose Adoptions/Creating Christian families, where I was vested with them by July.

I was so excited anytime I would get a birthmother situation. I would read through each one closely, but in many of them I was forced to stop reading when I found the birth mom was only interested in traditional families. This was the part I struggled with the most during the adoption process, but I understood and respected each birth mom and their requests/requirements.  I knew my day would come, I just had to stay positive.  I can say through most of the process I was positive, but I wont lie there were days when I wanted to give up.

For those that I was interested and where the birth mom didn’t have any special requirements, I would ask to be presented to the birth mom and get so excited, but when nothing happened I would get disappointed. One day I just decided I wasn’t going to get wrapped up in it, I would just go with the flow so my emotions would not go all over the place.

Towards the end of 2013 exciting things were happing in my family.  My brother got engaged in November and my mom retired at the end of December.  On New Year ’s Day my mom and I went shopping.  Around 2:00pm we were shopping in Nordstrom and I had gotten an email from Mother Goose saying there was a Stork Drop for a healthy baby boy that was born earlier that day.  I emailed and asked for my profile to be presented to the birth mom.  I mentioned it to my mom and didn’t think much about it after that.  Later that evening, I was sitting at home, it was starting to snow and I was thinking about how I was not excited to go back to work after the long holiday break.  I was watching The Big Bang Theory and about 8:30pm I got a phone call from Deb saying that the birth mom had picked me! I was so excited I didn’t know what to do. I got in my car and drove to my parents and ran in the house and told them they were going to be grandparents.  It was the greatest feeling in the world to share my joy with them.  In the meantime Deb had sent me some pictures and I remember thinking oh my goodness what a beautiful boy and he is mine.  I couldn’t wait to kiss, hug and tell him how much I loved him.


“I remember thinking oh my goodness what a beautiful boy and he is mine.”

A couple days later my mom and I got on a plane and headed to AZ.  When I picked him up, I was so excited to be a mom and couldn’t wait to spend every minute of every day with him.  He was my life now and the greatest gift of all.  Words can’t describe the feeling.


Later the next week I had lunch with the birth mom.  It was so nice to meet and chat with her.  She was a lovely young woman and I couldn’t thank her enough for the amazing gift she had given me.  She saw something in me that other birth mom’s hadn’t and I’m so very thankful for that.  She has made me the happiest person on this earth.

Many people had told me when I started the adoption process that it would take a long time to be matched since I was single.  I never believed them because I knew that I had what it took to be a great mom.  It’s all about being positive and believing in yourself. I had to have faith that someone else would see this in me.  I am so grateful for the entire experience and I have never felt so blessed.  Everyone says my son is so lucky to have me as a mom and I say no we are so lucky and blessed to have each other.”


“He was my life now and the greatest gift of all.”

Many thanks to Katie for sharing her heart! We pray this is an encouragement to you, especially if you are a single mom in the adoption process.

Matt & Nikki’s Adoption Journey – Sweet Baby Girl

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Baby C Schreiber

Matt & Nikki’s Precious Baby Girl!

Just a few short weeks ago a special heavenly gift came into the arms of one of our families: Matt and Nikki.  Their domestic adoption process was relatively short, but the journey to their daughter was born in their family some years ago.  Many adoption stories are shared by the adoptive moms in blogs and posts across cyberspace, and this story too is shared from the heart of a new mother.  Enjoy Nikki’s story about God’s faithfulness through the ups and downs of their adoption journey:

“We started our journey of adoption a little over 2 years ago. At the time we knew we wanted to adopt and had known since before we got married, but we weren’t sure which path to follow. We spent a lot of time in prayer and listening to God. We had a very close friend that had adopted domestically around the time we had our middle son. It was a very positive experience and I was open to Domestic Adoption, but Matt wasn’t at the time.  We started doing research on the computer and saw a lot on Ethiopia Adoption at the same time we seemed to run into several families that adopted from Ethiopia and were connected with a lot of them. All signs led to Ethiopia, so after a lot of agency research we signed a contract with our international adoption agency. We moved quickly through paperwork to get on the list with them and in February 2011 we were officially waiting for our daughter. To be honest from the beginning I was not sure Ethiopia was where our daughter was coming from, but knew we were on this path for a reason.

After about 12 months of waiting I felt a tug back towards domestic adoption and started looking into it again. At this time Ethiopia was very slow and the list wasn’t moving. Our agency decided to allow concurrent adoptions which opened a door for us.  Through the agency’s Facebook page I found Dawn Wright, a consultant with “Christian Adoption Consultants” (CAC) and what she did for them. In Feb 2012 (our 1 year wait point) I contacted her through Facebook with a lot of questions. She was so great at getting back to me and sending me information. Our contact went on for months and finally I approached Matt again about domestic adoption.  He had a lot of fears but most of all it was with the Birth Mother and the kind of adoption we would have.  I asked him to pray about it and told him I really believed this is how we were to expand our family. Finally in May he agreed to move forward with CAC and we signed our contract – BEST decision we have ever made! We applied for any African-American baby girls we saw posted about that were in our budget (that was hard too, I wanted to increase it so many times). Dawn always assured me our time would come and with the right budget!

The week we were chosen by C’s (Our daughter) birth mom I was done (yes it was only 3 months after signing our contract, but for us it had been years of waiting to complete our family).  It felt like every situation we applied for we were told NO and it really started to hurt! We actually were told no with the Birth Mom we ultimately were matched with. That same week we applied to two other situations and got “No'”s again so it was 3 in one week and we were feeling like it would never happen. We thought it was because we already had 3 boys and a big family.  We honestly thought this would take years to hear “Yes”.  Being that we were in ‘a funk’ we decided to take the boys out on the golf cart to the park and play with them. Three minutes into our ride my cell phone rang and the name Deb O’Kane (Deb is the Executive Director of Mother Goose Adoptions & Creating Christian Families) came up, I froze! Why was Deb calling us? We had her number stored in our phone from a situation that didn’t work out with us about a month earlier. I asked Matt to stop and answered… Deb asked if we had been matched yet (she knew about the other situations) I said “No, why?”, and she told us about our Birth Mom Steph that we had been her second choice and the first one didn’t work out. It wasn’t her fault just wasn’t a good fit. I really wasn’t sure what was happening I mean we actually got a YES and It didn’t matter that we were second choice right now we were MATCHED!! Within 5 minutes we were driving back to the house to get on a conference call with our Birth Mom Steph, I almost threw up! Deb was great at facilitating the call and helping us through it asking questions to both of us.  I hung up cried and called Dawn screaming!!! None of it felt real till late the next day when our contracts from Mother Goose came through and then it sunk in we got a YES!! Someone wanted us to parent their daughter.

All of this was mid-August and although it seemed like the longest period of our lives it went fast. I talked to Steph at least once a week on the phone and multiple times through text messages. To be honest there were a lot of times I thought this isn’t going to happen, but Deb and Dawn always talked me off the ledge and ultimately reminded me this was in God’s hands and not mine. I was close with Steph and felt like we were bonding so I kept that feeling close to my heart.

On Sunday, September 15th Steph sent a text at 9:30pm that her water broke (2 weeks early) and she was going to the hospital! We moved fast packing, booking flights and getting the boys taken care of.  It was crazy in our house that night. At 1:00am we got another text that said “False alarm sending me home”  We were confused (since we thought the water broke) and sad because we were so ready to meet Steph and our daughter. On Monday I talked to Steph a lot on text and she wasn’t feeling well and still thought her water broke. She decided to wait till Tuesday to see her Dr. and ask to be induced. On Tuesday, September 17th at 5:30am my phone rang and it was Steph crying at the hospital and in labor at 5 centimeters!!! I started crying and wishing I could be there. She was alone because her boyfriend was home with her 2 and 1 year old and it was 4:30am there. We told her we would be there as soon as possible and to hang in there, it was all going to be OK, and we loved her so much! It makes me cry just thinking about it, she really is a part of our family and I wanted to be there for her. The baby was really the last thing from my mind.  We re-booked flights that had been canceled hours earlier and got the boys awake and ready to school telling them where we were going. By the time we were driving to the airport at 9:30am our time (8:30am Central time) our daughter was born! We texted back and forth until the plane took off for Chicago. Steph asked what we were naming our daughter and we told her “C” and asked if they wanted to give her a middle name which she did. “C”‘s paternal grandmother had passed away recently and we chose to use her name as “C”‘s middle name!


Our Birth Mom, Steph holding our angel!

When we finally arrived at the hospital they would only let one of us back and I went alone to meet Steph and our sweet baby girl for the first time. It was surreal, I gave her a hug and told her I loved her and was proud of her and she handed me our daughter! I met one of her sisters who was so nice and left so Matt could meet his daughter! We spent the next couple of days all day in the hospital room with Steph and the baby talking and getting to know her better so we could share information with  “C” in the future.  It was way out of  our comfort zones, but so worth it! We met the Birth Father Denota and biological siblings “A” and “L” which was priceless! On Thursday morning we headed to the hospital to pick up our daughter at discharge. This was a very hard day for me. I cried all morning at the hospital while we all filled out paperwork, I was so happy we were adopting our daughter but sad for Steph and what she must have felt at the time. She was calm and seemed very happy with her decision. The case worker and Matt went to get the cars and Steph carried the baby on the wheelchair in her car seat out with me next to her. When she handed me “C” I fell apart! I hugged her and told her thank you would never be enough for the blessing she has given our family. We had plans for lunch with the family on Friday after papers were signed so we knew we would see each other again.

Pulling out of there was surreal, we had a daughter!!! That night and the next morning went very slow… would she be with us forever or would we have to return her? We headed to South Chicago still not knowing if the relinquishment papers were signed and stared at the phone in silence. At 12:20pm the case worker called to say congratulations! We were so elated and thankful! It was over and we had a daughter.

photo 3

Me holding our precious daughter


Matt and me at the hospital holding our miracle

We picked up the whole family Stephanie, Denota, and kids and had lunch and took lots of pictures! It was a great experience and one we will never forget! I still talk to Steph at least once a week on text and we are sending pictures and updates monthly. We hope they will stay in touch with us, we would like to take “C” to Chicago to see them next year!


A picture of the baby’s Birth Family – A blessing to spend time together

The time I had getting to know Steph and her family is a time I will always treasure! They are a part of our family and we love them! The only regret I have is that we don’t have a picture with them and us! Hoping to get that next year!  We were so worried about how this would all go and it went great although rocky at times, God was in control the whole time and he knew this was “C”! The best advice I can give anyone adopting is get to know your Birth Mom and family talk to them and keep open lines of communications. I think Steph always felt like she could talk to me and it helped form our bond. Step out of your comfort zone, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find! We are so in love with our daughter and are 100% sure she was meant to be ours. Follow your gut feeling, at the end of the day we  know we were led to our International Adoption Agency to find Dawn to bring us to our precious angel, and that is just fine with us!!  We are so thankful Dawn at Christian Adoption Consultants and Deb at Mother Goose Adoptions!!

C Schrieber Pic

Adorable and Precious Baby Girl!


Our Homecoming at the airport – Big Brothers meet Baby Sister!

What an awesome story – Thanks so much to Nikki and Matt, and their boys for sharing their story.  May God continue to bless you all beyond measure in the months and years to come!

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