Katie is one of our special adoptive moms who shares her story with us.  Katie shares her unique perspectives as a single mom choosing to adopt:


“I couldn’t wait to kiss, hug and tell him how much I loved him.”

“As a person embarks on milestone birthdays they think about what they want to do to remember that special birthday.  I knew for my 30th I wanted to get the one thing that I had always wanted, a baby.  I looked at my options and since I was single I knew adoption was the best choice for me.

At the beginning of 2013 I started to plan when I was going to start the adoption process. I talked with some friends who had adopted, did some research on the internet and did a lot of reflecting on the life I had and how I wanted it going forward.  I was to turn 30 in April so I knew I had to get moving with the process. I talked with a social worker and she referred me to a facilitator, Gloria Hawk.   Gloria referred me to Deb and Mother Goose Adoptions/Creating Christian families, where I was vested with them by July.

I was so excited anytime I would get a birthmother situation. I would read through each one closely, but in many of them I was forced to stop reading when I found the birth mom was only interested in traditional families. This was the part I struggled with the most during the adoption process, but I understood and respected each birth mom and their requests/requirements.  I knew my day would come, I just had to stay positive.  I can say through most of the process I was positive, but I wont lie there were days when I wanted to give up.

For those that I was interested and where the birth mom didn’t have any special requirements, I would ask to be presented to the birth mom and get so excited, but when nothing happened I would get disappointed. One day I just decided I wasn’t going to get wrapped up in it, I would just go with the flow so my emotions would not go all over the place.

Towards the end of 2013 exciting things were happing in my family.  My brother got engaged in November and my mom retired at the end of December.  On New Year ’s Day my mom and I went shopping.  Around 2:00pm we were shopping in Nordstrom and I had gotten an email from Mother Goose saying there was a Stork Drop for a healthy baby boy that was born earlier that day.  I emailed and asked for my profile to be presented to the birth mom.  I mentioned it to my mom and didn’t think much about it after that.  Later that evening, I was sitting at home, it was starting to snow and I was thinking about how I was not excited to go back to work after the long holiday break.  I was watching The Big Bang Theory and about 8:30pm I got a phone call from Deb saying that the birth mom had picked me! I was so excited I didn’t know what to do. I got in my car and drove to my parents and ran in the house and told them they were going to be grandparents.  It was the greatest feeling in the world to share my joy with them.  In the meantime Deb had sent me some pictures and I remember thinking oh my goodness what a beautiful boy and he is mine.  I couldn’t wait to kiss, hug and tell him how much I loved him.


“I remember thinking oh my goodness what a beautiful boy and he is mine.”

A couple days later my mom and I got on a plane and headed to AZ.  When I picked him up, I was so excited to be a mom and couldn’t wait to spend every minute of every day with him.  He was my life now and the greatest gift of all.  Words can’t describe the feeling.


Later the next week I had lunch with the birth mom.  It was so nice to meet and chat with her.  She was a lovely young woman and I couldn’t thank her enough for the amazing gift she had given me.  She saw something in me that other birth mom’s hadn’t and I’m so very thankful for that.  She has made me the happiest person on this earth.

Many people had told me when I started the adoption process that it would take a long time to be matched since I was single.  I never believed them because I knew that I had what it took to be a great mom.  It’s all about being positive and believing in yourself. I had to have faith that someone else would see this in me.  I am so grateful for the entire experience and I have never felt so blessed.  Everyone says my son is so lucky to have me as a mom and I say no we are so lucky and blessed to have each other.”


“He was my life now and the greatest gift of all.”

Many thanks to Katie for sharing her heart! We pray this is an encouragement to you, especially if you are a single mom in the adoption process.